Steering & Suspension System Repair by Geller’s Automotive in Byram, New Jersey

Let Geller's Automotive handle your suspension system repair needs.The steering and suspension systems in your vehicle are designed to keep your tires in contact with the road while you’re driving, especially when you go over bumps and around turns. Your safety depends on making certain these components are maintained on a regular basis and that you watch for certain signs that may indicate you have a problem with the steering and/or suspension systems. If you suspect a problem with either, you’ll want to bring your vehicle to the shop that can quickly diagnose and complete steering and suspension system repair work on your vehicle – Geller’s Automotive.

The Components of the Suspension System and What to Look for When You Suspect a Problem

As previously mentioned, the suspension system works along with your steering system to help you maintain control of your vehicle. It’s designed to keep your tires on the road when you hit bumps and also allows you to turn corners and sharp turns without rolling. One of the key components of the suspension system is the shock absorber and strut.  When a shock or strut needs to be replaced you may notice an increase in stopping distance, excessive bounce when you hit bumps, and more roll and sway in the body when you go around turns. You’ll also notice specific wear patterns on your tires as well as an increase in gasoline consumption.

Another important part of your suspension system is the control bushings. They can be found on the front and rear of the vehicle and help maintain proper alignment of your wheels. Similar to the shocks or struts, the control bushings are instrumental in helping you handle your vehicle. Control arm bushings that are worn will create clunking noises during acceleration or braking. They will also cause uneven wear of your tires.

During any routine visit to our auto repair shop, we conduct a courtesy inspection of your vehicle. During these inspections, we’ll take a look at the suspension system and will alert you to any suspension system repair work that needs to be done. Likewise, if you notice any of the signs we mentioned above, schedule an appointment with Geller’s Automotive right away. Trust your suspension system repair to us and we’ll get you back on the roads, driving with a lot less bump and sway.

Your Vehicle’s Steering System

Looseness in the steering system is one of the more common issues experienced by vehicle owners. It’s also one that shouldn’t be overlooked.  Many times a worn inner tie rod end will cause loose steering. These tie rod ends maintain the stability of your vehicle as the tires ride over different road surfaces. The roads in Northern New Jersey can wreak havoc on our vehicles and the steering system. Repairs can be prevented, or at least minimized, with some routine maintenance. An excellent way to avoid tie rod end wear is to have the certified technicians at Geller’s Automotive check and lubricate the inner and outer tie rod ends on a regular schedule.

Have you been noticing a loud clicking noise when you turn corners at slow speeds? This could mean there’s a problem with the CV axle. A CV axle that is in good shape is heavily greased and completely protected by rubber boot covers. After time the rubber boot covers will wear out, exposing the CV joint. When this happens, the grease leaks out and lessens the axle’s ability to lubricate the joint. This can be quite dangerous, especially if you hit a sudden bump. The joint can break and cause a serious accident. At the first sign of any problem, bring your vehicle to our automotive repair shop in Byram, New Jersey.