Is Your Check Engine Light On?

For Check Engine light or Service Engine Soon light issues, take your car to Geller's Automotive in Byram, NJ.Your car, truck or van has a number of computers controlling the operation of the engine. One responsibility of the computer system is to perform onboard diagnostic self-tests to make sure your vehicle’s engine is running its best and emitting the least amount of pollutants. As you are driving your car, all the computer systems are working together to precisely adjust how the engine responds to things like speed, the temperature of the engine, the air-fuel mixture, the load, and more. When the light comes on, it’s alerting you to a problem with the engine’s performance and emissions. Don’t  worry, though, whether it’s the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light, the certified auto technicians at Geller’s Automotive in Byram, New Jersey, can diagnose why the light came on and fix the problem.

What causes the Service Engine Soon or Check Engine Light to come on?

This light is letting you know there is a problem with your vehicle’s emissions system. Your vehicle is not running its best and it’s polluting the environment. The nice thing about the Service Engine Soon or Check Engine light is that it will typically detect a minor problem so you can have it fixed before it becomes something major. When the light comes on, you may wonder if you need to have it fixed right away since you may not be noticing anything different with the way your car, truck or van is running. Not every problem that results in a Check Engine light warning provides obvious symptoms like hard starting, rough idling, or stalling. By not dealing with the reason the Check Engine light came on, you risk further damage to your vehicle’s emissions system. We are 100% certain you would much rather deal with a simple repair, like a leaking hose, than have to replace something like an expensive catalytic converter.

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Bring your vehicle to Geller’s Automotive in Byram, NJ, if the Check Engine light won’t turn off

More times than not, the Check Engine light is coming on because of a loose or broken gas cap. The easiest way to find out if that’s the cause is to make sure the gas cap is properly tightened and/or replace the gas cap with one designed for your car. Once you do that, you’ll have to drive the vehicle for a few days. As the onboard diagnostic (OBDII) system goes through its self-tests, the light will turn off if the gas cap was the culprit. If you go through these steps and the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light stays on, schedule an appointment with our auto repair shop in Byram, New Jersey. We can perform computer diagnostic engine testing to determine what is causing the warning light to trigger. Once we know what is creating the problem, our ASE-Certified Technicians can fix it for you.

Remember, delaying a repair can lead to major repairs to components. Contact Geller’s Automotive today to fix what’s causing that pesky Check Engine light to come on.