Brake Repair Services at Geller’s Automotive in Byram, NJ

Trust your brake repair to Geller's Automotive in Stanhope, NJFACT: Brakes wear out over time. The length of time it takes between brake jobs depends on driving conditions and how you apply your brakes. When you bring your vehicle in to Geller’s Automotive, our technicians can check the condition of your brakes and will alert you to when they are nearing the time for replacement.

Brake problems should never be overlooked. If any part of your braking system fails while driving, you will have limited or no braking ability. That’s serious. Aside from the danger to you, your passengers and other drivers, worn down brakes could also result in additional damage to your vehicle along with a more costly brake job.

Signs You May Need a Brake Job

It’s important to be aware of the signs that will alert you to the fact you may need a brake job. Here are some of the symptoms:

  • The Brake Light is On – An illuminated brake light could mean there is a serious problem with the braking system. The first thing to do is to check whether or not the emergency brake is engaged. If it isn’t, schedule an appointment to have your brakes checked right away. You may want to arrange for it to be towed to Geller’s Automotive.

  • Squealing Sounds – Do you hear a high-pitched squealing noise when you’re driving that becomes quiet when the brakes are applied? This is a sign you may need a brake job.

  • Scraping or Grinding Noises – The likely cause of any scraping or grinding noise is metal-to-metal contact. The brakes pads have worn down completely and are now grinding into the rotor. Schedule a brake repair right away.

  • Hard Pedal – If you need to use excessive pressure when applying the brakes, there could be a problem with restricted hydraulic lines, frozen calipers or cylinders, or damaged brake linings. Don’t ignore this sign. Call us right away to schedule a brake inspection and repair.

  • Soft Pedal – Your vehicle’s brakes should feel firm when you apply them. If they feel soft or spongy, there’s a problem. It could be that there is air in the brake lines, the brake lines have been damaged, or you’ve got bad disc brake calipers, wheel cylinders or a worn master cylinder. Schedule an appointment right away to have the brakes inspected and repaired.

Trust Your Brake Repair to Geller’s Automotive in Byram, NJ

If you suspect there is a problem with your braking system, take action right away. It’s as simple as scheduling a brake inspection at Geller’s Automotive in Stanhope, New Jersey. We’ll complete a thorough inspection of the braking system – discs will be inspected for rough spots or signs of damage, brake pads will be checked to see how much is left, and the brake lines will be examined for cracking and corrosion. Once we know what is wrong with your brakes, our technicians will let you know so you can approve the work to be done on your braking system.

Contact Geller’s Automotive in Byram, NJ, to schedule a brake inspection or brake repair today.