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4 Simple Ways to Identify Potential Car Problems

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We use our senses to help us relate to our surrounding environment. Why not use them when it comes to identifying potential car problems? Your car, truck or van is really quite sophisticated. An onboard computer is designed to regulate the engine operation and will alert you to any issues. Then there are the fluids we use to lubricate all the engine parts. Our vehicles run so well that it’s sometimes easy to delay maintenance until something happens… Here are some tips on how you can use your senses to help you identify car problems so you can bring it in for service before it becomes a major repair.

What can lead to catalytic converter failure?

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Part of your vehicle’s exhaust system, the catalytic converter has the important job of preventing harmful pollutants from entering the air. It’s made out of several precious metals (usually platinum and palladium) that act as a chemical catalyst to convert the gases coming through your vehicle’s exhaust. Because of the metals it contains, this part is quite expensive to replace if it fails. Knowing how to take care of the catalytic converter will help you avoid this repair bill.

Shocks and Struts: Know When They Need to be Replaced

If, when you’re driving, you feel excessive bounce and sway, you most likely need new shocks or struts. They are a very important to the suspension system in your vehicle. Your shocks or struts will give you a smooth ride, but they are also vital to keeping the tires in contact with the road surface. If they need to be replaced, your safety is at risk. In this article, you will learn about the shocks and struts – how to know when they need to be replaced and how to maintain them.

How to Recognize Car Electrical System Problems

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Today’s vehicles are so sophisticated electronically that often times car owners don’t realize there’s a problem until the car won’t start. This is never truer than when it comes to car electrical system problems. You turn the key in the ignition, put your car in drive and away you go. Then, one day your vehicle won’t start because of electrical system problems. Or worse, your vehicle breaks down while you’re on a trip. These inconveniences could have been avoided with a little preventive maintenance. Yes, just like every other system in your vehicle, the electrical system requires regular maintenance. Read on to learn more about your auto electrical system and what you can do to minimize the potential for problems.

Car Maintenance Tips that Can Prevent the 7 Most Expensive Car Repairs

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Unexpected and expensive car repairs can unnecessarily drain your bank account. While you cannot completely avoid car repair expenses, it is possible to reduce the probability of having to deal with the more expensive car repairs. The key to reducing car repair expenses is to maintain and replace parts before they fail. By regularly maintaining your vehicle, your mechanic will be able to let you know when something needs to be replaced. In this blog post, we will identify the 7 most expensive car repairs, what to look for if there’s a problem and how to maintain those key vehicle components. Read on to learn more.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Engine Knocking

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Whether it’s a “different” feeling when you drive, an odd smell, or a strange noise, your vehicle is trying to tell you that something is not quite right. That’s certainly the case when you notice a knocking sound in the engine. Many problems under the hood can lead to major engine damage if you don’t do anything to take care of them. This article is going to identify the problems that can cause engine knocking and what you should do about them. Read on to learn more.

My brake warning light is on. What should I do?

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With so many dashboard lights, it’s sometimes difficult for vehicle owners to know which light means what. When it comes to your car’s brake warning light, if it’s on, you need to bring it in to have your braking system checked out. If there is a problem with the brakes, it may be unsafe for you and your passengers. This blog post discusses what causes the brake warning light to come on and what you should do about it if it is on.